Are yelp reviews any good for limo companies?

I am using yelp a lot, for restaurants it is pretty good, for businesses that get only few reviews, such as dental offices, recreational sports, medical offices not so good. I have went to many places with outstanding reviews, and then was burnt badly by poor service or run down place. With limos it is the same thing. There is seem to be few limo companies that have amazing yelp reviews, but when I look closer, it looks like most are fake review, friends or made up. So what is the best way to select limo companies. Look for professional reviews online, and go for larger companies that flush with cash to update limos regularly, small guys don’t have enough money to buy new vehicle every few years, and usually have run down limousines. I personally highly recommend Baltimore LX Limo. These guys have great fleet (yes I visited their garage), nice drivers (I talked to them) and they picked me up on time 4 out of 4 times that I used them while on my trip in Baltimore. Check them out, and leave nice yelp review for them :).


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